This is the research blog of dancers Eleanor Sikorski, Flora Wellesley Wesley and Stephanie McMann. As the artistic directors of Nora they curate and perform together, inviting choreographers to make work for them to perform.

As of October 2016, Nora have been undertaking a period of international research into creative processes, alternative dance ‘company’ models and the agency and responsibility that comes with curating and collaborating. They will be publishing videos, interviews, text and images. This research will culminate in a series of Nora Talks and a new series of artist commissions in 2017/18.

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Finding a collaborator

Finding a collaborator

I need a band

I don’t know any musicians

I must know at least one musician

I’ve found a musician

I don’t think I want them in my band

I’ve found another musician

I don’t really know them but they are cute

I’ll ask them to be in my band

They are too busy to be in my band

Who else is cute?

I’ll ask my crush to be in my band

They can’t play music

Who else do I like?

I’ll ask my sister to play in my band

She says that probably wouldn’t work

I’ll just go solo

If Grimes can do it then so can I.

100 influences

100 influences

Avoiding identity