This is the research blog of dancers Eleanor Sikorski, Flora Wellesley Wesley and Stephanie McMann. As the artistic directors of Nora they curate and perform together, inviting choreographers to make work for them to perform.

As of October 2016, Nora have been undertaking a period of international research into creative processes, alternative dance ‘company’ models and the agency and responsibility that comes with curating and collaborating. They will be publishing videos, interviews, text and images. This research will culminate in a series of Nora Talks and a new series of artist commissions in 2017/18.

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Some old-school memories of being nervous.

  • My mind going blank in the middle of playing a piano piece for a primary school talent show. stalling stalling... not being able to read the music because I knew it by heart. Leaving and crying.
  • My year six teacher saying "the whole point is to make a fool of yourself". This effectively eradicated my nerves and convinced me that auditioning for the school play was a good idea.
  • In year seven, drawing a blank in the middle of a school play and having to start my lines again. I was distracted by seeing, in the audience, the face of a girl in my year. I was overwhelmed by the individual in the crowd, when all I had prepared for was the crowd.
  • 6th form, sitting on a school loo before a dance exam and stretching my legs to warm up. My calf muscle cramped so severely that it dented in on itself. Adrenaline does weird things.
  • 6th form, again, performing a dance solo, again, and drawing a blank, again, and having to improvise some moves before I worked out where I was in the music.
  • First yr of dance school. Performing a solo for the first time to a choreography teacher and feeling like the music was going SO SLOWLY. Quickly learning something about how adrenaline speeds the body up.
Critiquing Criticism

Critiquing Criticism